The COLOURS Methodology (Sengkang Tuition)

Since 2008, we came out with the COLOURS methodology and have implemented it on all of our students and lessons. Sengkang Tuition

Using the COLOURS methodology, we see every student as a CONFIDENT learner who will be OBJECTIVE in learning under a safe and supportive environment. As tutors, we strive towards cultivating active LISTENING skills in our students so as to maximize every moment of learning. Furthermore, we emphasize on the attitude of being OPTIMISTIC in achieving their goals as every student is an UNIQUE individual with different strengths and weaknesses. Our students will grow to be learners who will not be easily defeated but will exhibit their full potential by being RESILIENT and SELF-MOTIVATED.


OUR BELIEFS (Sengkang Tuition)

We believe that every student is able to achieve flying COLOURS in their lives and be successful individuals.

√ Confident

√ Objective

√ Listening

√ Optimistic

√ Unique

√ Resilient

√  Self-motivated


Being very patient and approachable, we encourage our students to ask and clear any doubt without feeling discouraged or incompetent.

Teaching with passion, we go the extra miles to cater and take into considerations of the individual needs of our students when planning our lessons.

Believing that students learnt effectively in a holistic environment, we constantly cultivate their emotional and social development to build strong characters and values in preparation of the greater challenges they will face in life.

We are committed, dedicated and experienced to make a difference in your child’s life.

We sincerely hope to have the privilege to work with you and your child as a tutor!


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