Why Choose Us?

Because…We Are Experienced, Passionate & Committed Tutor!!

No joke. We are seriously serious about it!

We take pride in teaching and give only our utmost best to our students. Learning with us is greatly optimized as we strongly believe in giving our best. Likewise, we also expect our students to give their best.

Since we started out in teaching, we have seen countless of lives changed in term of academic and attitude towards learning. Do check out our testimonies section!


Photo taken back at 2012 when our journey as full-time tutors started.
Photo taken back in 2012 when our journey as full-time tutors started.


Having many years of teaching experiences both in school and learning centres, we are well-versed with the MOE syllabus and exam strategies. We are able to tackle weaknesses effectively to help your children improve and excel in the shortest time. Apart from encouraging them to ask questions freely, we will always go the extra miles to meet the needs of our individual students. We believe in teaching both the curriculum as well as imparting the joy of learning.

Wait! Hold on for a minute…that’s not all!

We have 5 other reasons why you should try us:


1) Strong Communication with parents

Treasuring every work experience with you and your family, we see the importance of working and communicating closely with all our parents. You are encouraged to contact us freely whenever your children encountered any difficulties. Regular SMS and detailed quarterly report will also be sent to you to assist you in tracking your children’s progress and to reinforce ways to help.  We take every opportunity seriously to partner with you for your children’s success.


1444559156_pencil2) Conducive learning environment

To optimize learning, your children must be comfortable. Learning with us will take place in a quiet, cooling and conducive environment. Our classroom are all fully air-conditioned. With the projection and visualizer installed, we bring learning up to another level with thorough explanation and live-time illustration to visually engage your children and significantly aid them in their understanding of concepts.

1444559178_printer3) Strategically selected learning materials

Practicing doesn’t make perfect all the time, but practicing correctly will make perfect! We believe not just in working hard but also in learning smart, therefore all our materials are carefully selected and strategically proven to ensure every practice counts. These materials will build your children’s ability to apply every concept effectively and accurately. Visual aids, question case-studies, experimental equipment are also made ready to support their learning.


1444559147_like4) Proven track record

Having umpteen successes from many of our students, we have a proven track record of aiding them to achieve leaps of improvement both in their academics and their attitude in learning. Many of our students are indeed grateful. Yet the truth is, we are definitely more grateful to have the privilege to impact their lives and to make such a difference. Feel free to check out our gratitude page for more testimonies from both our students and their parents.


5) Location

We are conveniently located at Seng Kang Blk 322B Anchorvale Drive. Our place is just a 5 mins stroll from Seng Kang MRT Station (Compasspoint), standing besides Nan Chiau Primary School. We invite you to come and visit us. We will be more than glad to show you around. Do contact us for more information!

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