Questions in regards to learning with us:


Is small group tuition effective?

Yes definitely! In fact, the advantages of small group tuition truly outweigh the benefits of a one-to-one session. Having said that, it all still boils down to the efficiency and proficiency of the tutor.

Small group settings allow for fruitful discussion, dynamic collaboration, friendly competition, lasting friendship, engaging peer support, increased self-motivation and so much more…!


Do you give one-to-one tuition?

Unfortunately we do not give one-to-one lesson. All of our lessons are intended to grow to a small group size consisting not more than 6 students.

However, we have an excellent network of professional tutors whom we can recommended them to you. Should you need one, we will be most willing to match them for your child free of charge!


What subjects do you teach?

We are specialized in:

  • Pre-school Education & Enrichment Programs
  • Primary (English, Mathematics and Science)
  • Secondary (Elementary & Additional Mathematics)
  • AEIS Entry Preparation Course
  • Special Needs Education & Therapy Sessions
  • Memory, Focus, Concentration & Goal Setting Workshops


Will my children be in good hands?

We are committed, dedicated and highly experienced in making a positive impact in your child’s life. We have seen many of our students achieving leaps of improvement, some are recorded in our testimony section.

Of course, we will also partner hand in hand with our parents to help their children achieve their goals. Try us and be assured that you will not regret your decision!


What are some value-added services that you provide?

  • Students are welcomed to stay behind after class to clarify any doubts they might have at no extra charge.
  • Students can SMS/Whatsapp us even after tuition hours if they need help in any concepts. We will be glad if we could help!
  • Students can request for additional practices or exam papers for further revision.
  • We will personally pick up our students from Seng Kang MRT Station to our place only until they are familiar in getting there.
  • Our classroom is open for our parents to view and be assured of the conducive environment where learning will take place.


My child is very weak in his studies. Will it be too late? Should I send him to you?

We take in students from all walks of life. No matter how badly your children’s academic results are, or how unmotivated your children is, we are always here for them!

It is better to be late than never. But honestly, in our viewpoint, nobody is ever too late to make a positive change. There is always hope and we strongly believe it!


Is there lessons during the June/December holidays?

Yes, lessons will be as usual during the semester break.

However, lesson will cease right after SA2 and resume in the first week of Dec for preparatory lessons before school starts for the following year.


Questions in regards to payments & scheduling of lessons:


What do I have to pay upon registration?

There will be NO registration fees, NO administrative fees, NO printing fees and NO materials fees.

All materials, worksheets and assessment books will be provided FREE of charge!


What are the modes of payment?

We only accept payment by cash, cheque or bank transfer.


When are the monthly fees due?

Fees are payable at the beginning of each month. There will be pro-rating of fees if your children begin lesson in the middle of the month.

However, there is no pro-rating of fees if your children miss any lesson, regardless of the reasons. 

Makeup lessons will be arranged instead.


If my child can’t make it to the allocated tuition lesson, can he/she attend a makeup lesson?

Yes definitely! Your children could possibly join other classes within the week subjected to availability.

Otherwise, all makeup lessons will be held on the last week of March (For Semester 1) & last week of August (For Semester 2)

Every students will be entitled to 2 makeup lessons per semester. There will be no extra makeup lesson if your children miss lesson for the 3rd time in the semester with valid reasons.


What happen if there is a public holiday or the tutors have fallen ill?

In such circumstances, we will arrange for a makeup lesson on that week itself. If a makeup lesson could not be arranged, refunds will be made to the parent.


Is there any referral fees if I introduce a student to the class?

Yes! A $20 voucher will be given to you for every student you successfully referred to us!



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