Like any other subjects in primary school, Science is an important paper that all primary 6 students must sit for in their PSLE.

Some braced themselves with confidence while others dreaded this very subject.

Many parents often thought that Science makes up only a small component in the PSLE paper as compared to other subjects such as English or Chinese. This is certainly a myth as Science is equally importantly too!


So how can our children ACE the PSLE Science paper with confidence??


science PSLE


To tackle this paper well, I have developed this four steps battle plans to aid parents in preparing their children for the final showdown.

Under every important steps, I will discuss a question together with its undesired and desired answer.

These will mainly be focused on Section B (Open-ended Questions) of the Science Paper:

1. Be very Specific!

Never ever be lazy to explain the answer using the correct concepts. Yet, students should not be long-winded but answer straight to the point. Every relevant concepts applied in the question will be accounted for the total marks given.

bull eyes


Question: Explain how plants can prevent global warming.

Wrong/Incomplete Answer: Plants use carbon dioxide so less heat will presented on the Earth.

Model Answer: Plants can remove carbon dioxide from the air during photosynthesis. With less carbon dioxide in the air, less heat will be trapped on the Earth.



2. Always use Keywords!

Students often use words that they are comfortable with. However, in Science, students should be familar with its unique “language”. Keywords must be applied and they are indeed the key in scoring A for the Science paper.

keyword science PSLE

Question: Name a function of the roots of a plant.

Wrong/Incomplete Answer: The roots of a plant suck in water and vitamins from the ground.

Model Answer: The roots of a plant absorb water and mineral salts from the soil.



3. Compare, Compare and Compare!

To accurately answer a Science question, students should take reference from the other elements provided in the questions and compare to evaluate the correct answer. Students must use comparatives words such as “faster, brighter, the most light…etc” to form their answer.


compare science


Question: Which material A, B or C can withstand a weight of 700g? Explain your answer.

Wrong/Incomplete Answer: Material A, it is very strong.

Model Answer: Material A, it is the strongest material as compared to Material B and C.


4. Consistent Revision!

Nonetheless, to score distinction for Science, I strongly advocate students to do their revision consistently. There are more than 30 chapters in Science with more than 500 concepts to learn. If a student do not revise his/her concepts regularly, he/she will be bound to forget it during examination. Hard work drilling of concepts is inevitable. It will definitely eliminate the last minute syndrome of memorising science theories before examination.


revise PSLE science


After all have been said, parents should instill good learning habits and correct answering tactics in their children the moment Science is introduced to them. If parents have lost touch in the current Science syllabus, a reliable tutor/teacher can be engaged to work hand in hand with the parents in guiding their children. As the interest for Science is cultivated in a child, achieving A for the paper will be within reach.



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4 Steps Battle Plans to score A/A* in PSLE Science
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