Being a parent, one must acknowledge that in Singapore, our primary school education differs much from our pre-school education.

Many children experienced shocks when they transit from kindergarten to primary schools due to the fact that everything has changed.

Different settings, different curriculum, different teachers and friends, different class size, everything else is unfamiliar…

But as parents, it is our duty and we can make the transition a little easier for our little ones!


So how can we help to bridge our child over to Primary 1 effectively??

Bridging over to P1


We can implement the following five ways to ensure our children crossover to Primary School with ease:


1. Minimize Stress

Learning must not be boring or stressful. Make time for your child to relax after school. Going outdoor will help him/her to unwind.

It is important that children do not feel stressed even after school.

Just like adult, they do need personal time doing what they enjoy to prevent a burnout.

2. Reading Age Appropriate Books to Your Child Regularly 

Basic reading is an important skill in Primary 1. Thus it is important for children to cultivate an interest in reading.

Children need a role model in reading and they enjoy being read to. Instead of just asking your child to read, read with them and read to them!

Always select books that are simple and age appropriate for them. Do not give them something too difficult otherwise they might be demoralized and stop trying after a while.

Reading books

3. Develop Logical Thinking Skills

Play simple board games or chess with your child.

Through the process, logic thinking skills are strengthened. This is crucial in learning mathematics in primary school.

4. Build Confidence by Affirmation

Always affirm your child. He/she needs to know that his/her mummy and daddy are proud of them.

Tell him/her “I am so proud of you for paying attention in class”, “I have seen you putting in so much effort in doing your homework! Great Job!” or “I am glad that you did not give up, but kept on trying! Keep it up!” These words will build confidence in your child and it definitely mean the whole world to them.

Build Confidence

5. Show Support (Spending Time is Crucial)

Spend time PLAYING with your child. It’s definitely not a waste of time.

Do not just spend time teaching your child academics such as English, Math and Chinese!

Children grow and develop healthily in a safe environment when they know that their parents are always there for them and have a close and healthy relationship with them.

That’s where trust will be built!


The best inheritance a parent can give to his children is a few minutes of their time each day.         

 –  M. Grundler

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5 Ways to Bridge Your Child over to Primary 1 Effectively
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